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Creating a Triggered Push Campaign

Triggered notifications are notifications that go out automatically after a certain event has occurred. We automatically track several events for Shopify users (view list) but you can always add custom events (view more).

How do I properly set up Abandoned Cart Notifications if I'm not on Shopify?

We have a simple guide on how to properly set up Abandoned Cart Notifications, just click here

In this document we are going to show you how to add triggered notifications into your web push notifications. These notifications are triggered when a user triggers a certain event. Let’s get started.


Start off by logging into your Aimtell account and opening your dashboard. From there, click on ‘Notifications’ located in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Selecting ‘Notifications’ will open a small drop down window with two options- ‘Manual Notifications’ and ‘Triggered Notifications.’ Select ‘Triggered Notifications.’

Selecting ‘Triggered Notifications’ will take you to your Campaigns page for all of your triggered campaigns. If you installed our software via one of our 3rd party plugins you may have some sample campaigns already prepared for you. For instance, Shopify users will see two campaigns - one for ‘Item Shipped’ and one for ‘Abandoned Cart.’ These are two popular examples of triggered campaigns you may wish to set up for your website.

If you didn't install via one of our plugins you can still create new custom triggered notifications. Just skip ahead a bit in this document.

If you wish to set up one of these campaigns, select edit. This will bring up all of the customization options for that triggered notification. You may change the name of the campaign, the title, body, and destination URL. A preview will also display how your push notification will look.

Larger Image Example:

After you set up the content for your notification, click the ‘Trigger’ tab to open the customization options for what will trigger the notification. In the ‘Item Shipped’ campaign, for example, the event category is the item, and the event action is that the item has shipped. For the ‘Abandoned Cart’ campaign, the event category would be the cart, and the event action is that the cart has been abandoned. These triggers are automatically loaded in for you.

Finally, you can select the ‘Delay’ tab to customize how quickly you want your notification to be sent once a user triggers the specified action. For example, the pre-set delay for the ‘Item Shipped’ campaign is 0.5. This means that a user will be notified via push notification 30 seconds after their item has shipped. You may change this time if you like.

If you wish to set up another triggered notification, return to the main triggered campaign page and select the ‘New Triggered Notification’ button. This will allow you to set up a new triggered campaign for a separate user action.

Once you select ‘New Triggered Notification’ you will begin setting up the campaign. Start by naming your campaign. Enter a name and click ‘Create Campaign.’

Once you hit ‘Create Campaign’ you will enter the same customization window that you saw for the previous campaigns. Enter your title, body, and destination URL based on this new campaign. These fields will not be filled in with text like the two sample campaigns.

Select the ‘Trigger’ tab to specify your category and action. In this example, let's say you were tracking all users who downloaded a free PDF on your site. In this case, the category is "Downloaded" and action is "Success PDF".

Finally, select the ‘Delay’ tab to determine when the notification should be sent. The delay is measured in minutes, so if you want to send a notification to this visitor who downloaded the free pdf after about 10 minutes, set the number to 5.

When you are finished, you may either save the campaign as a draft or activate it right away by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the page (you may also choose to delete the campaign if you wish).

That’s it! Your new triggered notification will display along with all of your other triggered campaigns.

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Creating a Triggered Push Campaign