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Enabling Persistent Notifications

As of December 2016, all sites automatically have persistent notifications enabled. If this is something you do not wish to have, contact us.

By default, web notifications on most browsers are dismissed automatically after 20-30 seconds on Desktop and remain visible until dismissed on mobile.

In this document we are going to show you how to enable persistent notifications on Desktop devices - meaning your notifications will remain visible until manually dismissed by the subscriber.


Start off by downloading the updated "aimtell-worker.js" file which contains the logic for persistent notifications. This is available here: Persistent Notifications Worker File

Now you simply need to replace the existing "aimtell-worker.js" file that you previously uploaded to your website when integrating Aimtell with the new one. This file should exist at If it does not, please stop here and contact for further assistance.

That's it. After you've uploaded/replaced that file your all new subscribers will now receive persistent notifications. Existing subscribers will also start receiving persistent notifications - it may just take a couple days to take full effect.

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Enabling Persistent Notifications