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Leveraging Team Members

Leveraging Team Members

In this document we are going to show you how you can leverage the team members you've added to your Aimtell account.


Adding a team member gives them the ability to send notifications on your behalf.
By default, team members do not have access to view all of your sites. In order to share website access, head to your dashboard and click ‘Websites’ and then ‘View Websites.’

Clicking ‘View Websites’ will pull up a list of all the websites you have added to your Aimtell account. Click ‘Edit’ next to the website you wish to add a team member to.

Once you click ‘Edit,’ click the ‘User Management’ tab at the top of the page. All current members for this website will be listed. To add a new member, click ‘Add User’ at the bottom of the page. Simply type in their email address and click ‘Invite User’.

Once you add a team member, they will instantly receive an email with login details.

With this system, you have control over which team members have access to which website of yours. Simply repeat this process for each website in order to add the team members you want to each website of yours.

Additionally, you may click ‘Settings’ on the dashboard and then click ‘My Team’ to pull up a list of all your current team members. You can click ‘Edit Permissions’ next to any team member to determine which websites they currently have access to.

Simply check or uncheck the box next to a website that you want that team member to have (or not have) access to and then click ‘Save Permissions.’


If a team member updates their account to a paid account, they have the ability to create their own team and as such will be automatically removed from yours. They will still be able to access any websites that you have shared with them.

If you need help with adding team members, take a look at our documentation here.

Leveraging Team Members