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Sending Test Push Notifications

Sometimes you may find the need to send yourself a test push notification before sending it out to your subscribers. Perhaps you are testing variables in your push, a link or maybe you just want to see how your notification looks like to the subscriber. Luckily, sending test notifications are very easy.

In order to send a notification to yourself, first you'll need to track yourself down within the dashboard. The easiest way to do this is to view your website that has Aimtell installed. If you have not previously opt-in to your site, be sure to click "Allow" at your notification prompt.

Next, head back to your dashboard and click "Logs" > "Pageview Logs". Here you will find a breakdown of all pageviews from subscribers on your site. Try clicking the most recent "subscriber ID", which will take you to an individual subscriber profile.

Pro Tip

If you receive a large amount of subscribers and find it hard to distinguish yourself simply by the basic pageview logs, try visiting a unique page on your site such as or pass some get parameters to make it more unique (ie

Once on the subscriber profile, click "send test push". Here you can specify any message you'd like to send to yourself.

Advanced Method:

Go to your website and open your developer console. Once there, type in "_aimtellSubscriberID" and it will return your subscriber ID. You can then insert this id here:

Sending Test Push Notifications