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Understanding The Dashboard

The dashboard provides a quick overview of everything that is happening with your currently selected website.

Currently there are 6 different ways you can view your site data on the dashboard:

1. New Subscribers - Users who accepted your sites push notification on any given day.

2. Notifications Sent - Cumulative total of all notifications sent out (individual, campaign, auto)

3. Notifications Clicked - Cumulative total of all notifications clicked (individual, campaign, auto)

4. Opt-In Rate Percentage - Percentage of users which approved or accepted push notifications from your website. This number is based off the total number of users who received the prompt, not all users (since for instance, users on safari on iPhone would not get the prompt)

5. Events Triggered - Number of custom events triggered by subscribers. View our article on getting started with custom events.

6. Custom Attributes Triggered -Number of custom attributes triggered by subscribers. View our article on getting started on attributes.

Additionally, you may filter this data based on any date range and or a custom segment you have created. If you have not created any segments, you can check out our documentation here on how to get started with segments.

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Understanding The Dashboard