Abandoned Funnel Notifications

Often times you may want to send push notifications automatically to any push subscriber who abandons a funnel.

In the simplest sense, we define a funnel as someone who visits Page1 and then visits Page2. As a result, an Abandoned Funnel would mean someone who visits Page1 but then did not visit Page2 (within a defined time period).

There are many examples where an Abandoned Funnel can be useful - most notably form abandonment.

In this walkthrough, we'll help show you how to start tracking an Abandoned Funnel and send an automatic notification for a subscriber who doesn't finish filling out a form on your site. We'll imagine Page1 is the page with the form, and Page2 is the form completion success page.

Step 1: Determine the event

To start, we need to determine what event we want to record when a funnel has been abandoned. Since our example is for an abandoned form, let's use that as the basis. To get a little more granular, let's imagine someone is filling out a form for a Case Study PDF download.

As a result we want to track:

  • Event Category: Form
  • Event Action: Abandoned
  • Event Label: CaseStudyPDF

This means that whenever someone abandoned this funnel, we'll track that event against them.

Step 2: Grab your website id

Next up, we need to grab the website id of your Aimtell site. To do so, simply go to Websites > Edit and make note of it on that page. In this example, we'll say it's 999.

Step 3: Add The Abandoned Funnel Scripts

The Abandoned Funnel script has two parts, the first part tells the system to start listening and the second part is the confirmation page.

You'll first need to add the required snippet of code to the page which holds your form. This is the page we want to start listening. For our example, this is "Page1".

Below is a copy of the abandoned funnel snippet with the variables. We'll put this on Page1.

<script src="https://beacon.aimtell.com/funnel.js"></script>
_aimtellAbandonedFunnel('start', 999, 'Form', 'Abandoned', 'CaseStudyPDF');


Next, we'll put the code on "Page2" which would fire if they completed the form successfully.

<script src="https://beacon.aimtell.com/funnel.js"></script>
_aimtellAbandonedFunnel('finish', 999, 'Form', 'Abandoned', 'CaseStudyPDF');


Step 4: Create the triggered campaign

At this point, you'll start seeing your event logs fill up with "Form Abandoned CaseStudyPDF" anytime a subscriber leaves "Page1" without visiting "Page2" with the default time of 30 seconds. Again, that's not viewing "Page2" within 30 seconds of "Page1", it's viewing "Page2" within 30 seconds of leaving "Page1".

Advanced (custom timeout and event values)

If you'd like to add event values or modify the timeout period (instead of the default 30 seconds) you can modify them as the 6th and 7th variables as shown in the example below. In the example below we are adding an event value of 10 and a timeout of 20 seconds.

<script src="https://beacon.aimtell.com/funnel.js"></script>
_aimtellAbandonedFunnel('finish', 999, 'Form', 'Abandoned', 'CaseStudyPDF', 10, 20);