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How often are segments/subscribers updated?

While our ultimate goal is to provide near real-time subscriber counts for both segments and total subscriber counts, this is quite a ambitious goal given the volume of data points collected by Aimtell every day. Who would have though sorting through billions of data points could take time, right?

Currently, the average segment updates every 2 hours. At their peak, a segment may take 24 hours to update.

Force Updating Subscriber Counts

While this delay has proven fine for 99% of all use cases, we understand there may be times that you wish to see the latest counts of your subscribers. As a result, we have several ways to force update subscriber counts.

To do so you can either click the "Force Refresh" link on your All Subscribers Page or the "Update/Refresh Count" button when editing a segment and it will pull the latest version for you (usually within 10 seconds).