Install On BigCommerce

See below for step by step instructions on installing Aimtell on a BigCommerce-powered ecommerce website.

​​Installing Aimtell on BigCommerce is possible, although it requires a workaround to upload the service worker to the root directory due to a BigCommerce limitation, not an Aimtell limitation.

Step 1: Add Your Website To Aimtell

Go to the Aimtell dashboard and go to Websites > Add Website. Input your website information, including your site name, icon, and URL. Hit Next Step.

Step 2: Install Via Javascript

Select the option to install via Javascript and hit Next Step. Here, you will see the tracking code that you need to add to your BigCommerce website body tag. Copy the code. 

Step 3: Add The Aimtell Tracking Code 

Navigate to your BigCommerce dashboard, go to Script Manager and paste the tracking code. 

Be sure to press Save when you are finished.

Step 4: Upload The Service Worker File

For Aimtell to work properly, you must upload our service worker to your website’s root directory. However, BigCommerce does not let you add or edit anything on the root directory itself because all BigCommerce stores share the root directory.

Instead, follow their documentation for help with this process. 

Step 5: Check For The Opt-In Prompt

Once you are finished, the best way to ensure everything is installed correctly is to go to your website and see if the opt-in prompt appears. If it does, you are all set. If not, we recommend waiting 10 minutes and if it does not appear, please reach out to for help.