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Customizing The Native Opt-in Prompt

The Native Opt-in Prompt is the default opt-in prompt and it can be found on your Aimtell dashboard. On the left hand side, under “Opt-In Prompts”.

You can see how the the native (default) opt-in prompt will look on different OS, browsers, and devices here:

How Notifications Look (Mobile)

How Notifications Look (PC - Windows)

How Notifications Look (Mac)

There are two ways to setup your Native Opt-in Prompt. The first is ‘Site-Wide/Default Logic (Easy)’ and the second is ‘Page-Specific Logic (Advanced)’. “Site-Wide” means no matter what page on our site that an individual lands on, the Native Opt-in Prompt will appear. “Page-Specific” means that you’re setting up the Native Opt-in Prompt to appear on a specific page only.

Let’s start with the Site-Wide/Default Logic (Easy).


“Site-Wide / Default Logic (Easy)” and “Native Optin Prompt” will automatically be selected on your dashboard.

Your next step is to click the drop down menu and select a time in which you would like the Native opt-in prompt to appear on your site.


Here are your show prompt options:

  • Immediately: This will make the Native Opt-in Prompt appear immediately once the individual arrives on your site.
  • With Custom Javascript: This is a custom optimization.

*Note: You can also use custom javascript to remove the default opt-in prompt by selecting this option, but not enabling the javascript. This will cause the Native Opt-in prompt to not appear.

  • On Page Scroll: If you would like a certain portion of your page to be viewed before showing the prompt, all you need to do is select this option and add the percent of the page you would like to be viewed

  • After X Pages Viewed: If you would like the opt-in prompt to show after an individual has viewed a certain amount of pages, select this option then add the number of pages you would like the user to have to view.
  • After Time Delay: If you would like the prompt to be displayed after a certain amount of time has passed, select this option and add the time in seconds.


Click save and you’re done!

Page-Specific Logic (Advanced)

Select the “Page-Specific Logic (Advanced)” and then select “Edit”.


Once you’ve clicked “Edit”, you will be presented with the following screen:


Add the specific url of the page you want the prompt to be displayed on in the “Page Url” box.


Next, select the priority.


Next, under the “Prompt” drop down, select the prompt that you would like to appear on this specific page.


Under the “Auto-Prompt” tab, select the drop down then select “True”.


The last step is to select the device type.

If you want the opt-in prompt to appear on both desktop and mobile devices than pick “any”. If you would like the prompt on desktop or mobile devices than select the corresponding option.


Save and you're done!

You can read more information about Custom Opt-in Prompts here:

Custom Opt-in Prompts

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