Opt-in Prompt (Page or Browser Specific Logic)

Learn how to setup your native or custom opt-in prompt with page-specific logic.

On your Aimtell dashboard select ‘Opt-In Prompts’, located in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen under ‘Websites & Set Up’.

Select 'Page-Specific Logic (Advanced)'.

page-specifc 1


Select 'Add Condition'.



The conditions are as follows:

Page specific table-1


When setting up Specific page logic you will need to have a wildcard setup. wildcards allow people to target multiple page urls with one statement. For instance imagine your site has the following pages:





If you wanted to use the same prompt conditions for all your blog pages, you could use yoursite.com/blog/* . The wildcard (*) essentially means any number of additional characters

Important note: page specific conditions match exactly as is and include URL parameters. That means if you set a specific prompt to show on "yoursite.com/blog/post-one" and they arrive on yoursite.com/blog/post-one?utm_source=google , that condition would not be met. Instead, you'd need to put it as yoursite.com/blog/post-one* to include any URL parameters.



Click save and you're done!