Understanding The Individual Subscriber

You can view information about an individual subscriber by selecting "All Subscribers" under the left hand "Subscriber" field on your dashboard.

#1 VIS

You can view detailed information about any listed subscriber by clicking on "view" on the far right hand side, next to the 'Device' column.

#2 VIS

Once you have clicked view, you will be taken to a page that shows a map as well as the subscriber id with the following tabs under the map:

  • Optin
  • Pages
  • Attributes
  • Notifications
  • Alias
  • Attributes (custom)
  • Events (custom)

Each tab will provide you with additional details regarding the individual subscriber.

Optin Tab

#3 VIS

Let's go over the Attributes and Values under the Optin tab:

  • idSite - the value is simply the website ID for the website the user opted in on.
  • subscriber_uid - the individual subscribers identification number.
  • gcm_id - a key that google uses and attaches to this individual subscriber in order to export this subscriber if you chose to do so in the future.
  • custom_prompt_id - the id of the prompt that this individual subscriber clicked to opt-in to push notifications for your site.
  • createdAt - when this individual became a subscriber.
  • updatedAt -
  • initial_action - whether the individual subscriber opted in the first time they saw the opt-in prompt.
  • action - this is the current individual subscriber opt-in status.

To further explain "initial_action" and "action"' - If your individual subscriber approved push on a Monday, then changed their mind and opted out later that week the "initial_action" would show granted but the "action" would be denied.

Pages Tab

#4 VIS

Under the "Pages" tab you can see every page on your site that this individual subscriber has visited, as well as the date they have visited.

Attributes Tab

#5 VIS

Let's go over the Attribute and it's Value under the "Attributes" tab, you'll see that most of these are self-explanatory:

  • idSite - once again, the value is simply the website ID for the website the user opted in on.
  • subscriberId - the individual personal identification number.
  • browserLang - the language of the default browser of this individual subscriber.
  • browserName - which browser the individual was using.
  • OperatingSystemCode - simply the individual's OS.
  • deviceType - the device the individual was using.
  • ip - the individuals ip address.
  • region - the individuals state.
  • city - the individual's city.
  • county - the individual's country.
  • alias - the individual's associated username or email.

Notifications Tab

#6 VIS

These are the notifications that this specific individual has received.

*Please note: The Pages and Notifications tabs only show the most recent 10 pages and notifications.

Alias Tab

#7 VIS

This will show any associated usernames or email addresses for the individual subscriber. You can read more about aliases here:

Aimtell Alias

You can find more information about tracking an alias here:

Tracking Subscriber Aliases

Attributes (custom) Tab

#8 VIS

Custom attributes allow users to add a custom information (eg name, age, gender) to an individual subscriber. These custom attributes can be used for segmentation and dynamic notifications.

Tracking Custom Attributes

Events (custom) Tab

#9 VIS

Custom events allow users to track any event (eg item purchased, abandoned form, user registration) on the site back to the individual subscriber. Custom events can be used for sending triggered notifications or conversion tracking.

Tracking Custom Events