Using Custom Attributes for Segmentation

Using custom attributes in your segmentation provides you the opportunity to build more targeted segments that you can send push notifications to.

Once you have set up some custom attributes to track you can use them when building out new segments.

Note: Before getting started, we recommend checking your logs to see what attributes are tracking. To do so, head to Logs > Custom Attributes. If what you set up is not there it was either not set up correctly, or the attribute has not been tracked yet. If after 24 hours you are still not seeing the attribute, feel free to contact for help.

To get started, create a new segment by heading to your dashboard and then selecting Segmentation > Create Segment.

To use a custom attribute, all you have to do is select it from the drop-down list. The list will auto-populate with the custom attributes you have set up to track. Select the one you want to use and then input the segment condition. You can also choose to set the custom attribute as ‘Exists’ or ‘Does Not Exist’ in order to create a segment of individuals who have (or do not have) a certain attribute tracked against them.

When you are satisfied with the segment you have created, hit ‘Create Segment.’ That’s it!