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Why am I not seeing the push notification prompt?

There are a few potentials reasons why you are not seeing the website push notification (opt-in) prompt when you visit your website. Below are some of the most common reasons.


The first thing to do to help debug this is to leverage the debug tool for any insights. To do so, view https://yoursite.com?aimtelldebug=1


Reason #1: You've already approved permissions.

Subscribing to push notifications are so easy, sometimes we do it without realizing it. Check to see if you've already given the site permissions by checking your browser-specific instructions as shown here.


Reason #2: Your browser doesn't support push.

Currently, website push notifications are supported on Safari(Desktop), Firefox(Desktop), Chrome(Desktop and Mobile on Android), and Opera (Desktop and Mobile on Android). If you are using a device not listed (like iPhone) you will not be able to subscribe to a website. That's a limitation directly from Apple which we hope changes soon.

Visitors on unsupported devices will see your site as normal. Currently, about 80% of desktop web traffic and 45% of mobile website traffic supports website push notifications.


Reason #3: Your website already has another manifest.json file (legacy - rare)

In some rare cases, push notification prompts will not appear because you already have a manifest.json file on your website that conflicts with the aimtell-manifest.json file. If this is the case, simply copy over the "gcm_sender_id" field from our manifest to yours.


Reason #4: You're on a version of Safari that requires user gestures

On particular versions of Safari, the custom opt-in prompt may only be able to be shown after a "User Gesture". This is typically defined as a click. To overcome this, simply add a Custom Optin Prompt and set it to target "Safari Only".



Still having trouble? Contact us and we will help you.