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Why am I not seeing the push notification prompt?

There are a few potentials reason why you are not seeing the website push notification (opt-in) prompt when you visit your website. Below are some of the most common reasons.

Reason #1: You've already approved permissions.

Subscribing to a push notifications are so easy, sometimes we do it without realizing it. Check to see if you've already given the site permissions by either following these instructions for Chrome/Firefox or these instructions for Safari.

Reason #2: Your browser doesn't support push.

Currently website push notifications are supported on: Safari(Desktop), Firefox(Desktop), Chrome(Desktop and Mobile on Android) and Opera (Desktop and Mobile on Android). If you are using a device not listed (like iPhone) you will not be able to subscribe to a website. That's a limitation directly from Apple which we hope changes soon.

Visitors on unsupported devices will see your site as normal. Currently about 80% of desktop web traffic adn 45% of mobile website traffic supports website push notifications.

Reason #3: Your website already has another manifest.json file (advanced)

In some rare cases, push notification prompts will not appear because you already have a manifest.json file on your website that conflicts with the aimtell-manifest.json file. If this is the case, simply copy over the "gcm_sender_id" field from our manifest to yours.

For instance, let's say your existing manifest.json file looks like this:

Then you would update it to look like this:

Still having trouble? Contact us and we will help you