Data Collected For Subscribers (Shopify)

Beyond the data collected for all Aimtell sites, we also track the following data points for Shopify Users:

Item Purchased

  • Event Category = Item
  • Event Action = Purchased
  • Event Label = (Item Name)
  • Event Value = (Price of item)

Item Shipped

  • Event Category = Item
  • Event Action = Shipped
  • Event Label = (Link to Shopify Order Thank You Page)
  • Event Value = (Cart ID)

Item Added To Cart

  • Event Category = Item
  • Event Action = Add To Cart
  • Event Label = (Item Name)
  • Event Value = (empty)

Cart Abandoned

  • Event Category = Cart
  • Event Action = Abandoned
  • Event Label = (Cart ID)
  • Event Value = (empty)

We also track the following custom attributes by default for Shopify users:

  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • orders_count
  • total_spent

If you are interested in tracking additional events or attributes, check out our documentation on how to do that here: Understanding/Tracking Custom Events and here Understanding/Tracking Custom Attributes

If you would like to toggle Shopify tracked attributes for anything considered personally identifiable information (PII) you can learn how to do so by clicking here

For additional support feel free to reach out to us at