FAQ's for Aimtell Offer Network

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding our Aimtell Offer Network (AON).

How do I enable AON?

This is very easy! Read our AON Usage documentation for step-by-step details on getting started.

Can anyone get started with AON?

Any user can get started with this instantly. After you begin sending a few campaigns an assigned account manager will look over your account and campaigns and reach out to you.

Can I segment my audience for this campaign?

Absolutely. In fact, we highly recommend this in order to target a more specific audience that is more likely to be interested in the campaign content.

Can I create more than one AON campaign?

Yes, you can! You can create multiple campaigns with the integration, say to target different segments with different verticals. You can also create multiple campaigns to go out at different times on a repeating basis, which makes AON a fantastic way to automate your push efforts.

Can I choose a vertical for my AON Push?

You absolutely can. When creating a campaign, you will be given a dropdown option to choose from our verticals available. In this dropdown, you will see some "$", this will indicate our highest performing verticals if you're unsure what to choose. If you need any guidance on this, please don't hesitate to reach out to Aimtell Support and we'll be happy to help

Can I send the same push twice?

There is not currently a way to send the same push twice, as we manage the ad content to make it easier for our clients to set it and forget it.

How do I view my results?

You will view your results the same as you would a regular campaign. Select ‘View Results’ next to the campaign and see all the standard manual campaign reporting, plus an added box that displays your revenue generated. Please note: This updates hourly, and is not real time.

When does a payout occur?

Payouts occur every 45 days and have a $100 minimum. Contact support at support@aimtell.com or your account executive for more information.

Can I turn off an AON campaign?

Yes, you can. From your list of manual campaigns, click the checkbox next to your AON campaign and from the ‘Options’ drop-down menu you can select to either pause or delete the campaign. If you pause, you can then select resume if you wish to restart the campaign at any point.

Can I have AON manage my entire site?

You do have the option to switch your site over to being fully managed. To do so, head to Integrations in the sidebar and enable the DMS-Managed option. A member from the DMS- Managed Team will reach out and guide you on the next steps.

Is AON available for international clients?

If this applies to you please reach out to support@aimtell.com to see if this is available for you based on your country.