Tracking Code Warning Message

Why am I seeing a warning message under 'Tracking Code' on my dashboard?

Tracking Code Warning

After adding the tracking code the warning should automatically go away within 15 minutes.

There are two scenarios in which you would still see this code..

  1. Your site is not receiving enough traffic for Aimtell to recognize which is often the case regarding staging or development sites. This does not mean that it is not setup correctly and the warning should go away once your site receives some traffic after 24 hours.
  2. There could be a tracking code issue, meaning the code could have been added incorrectly. When adding the code, please be sure to copy and paste the code exactly as is. Do not remove any underscores, periods, semicolons, etc. We commonly see that users have removed underscores from in front of the word "at", this will cause the code to not work properly. Another possible issue is that the service worker file is not uploaded. You can find out more about that here: Custom Service Worker Location.

We also have a debug feature that can be found on your dashboard under "Logs" - "debug" which can facilitate when it comes to locating an error in order to fix it.