Websites that wish to store certain information in their own database have the ability to create server to server webhooks for various events. Currently, you can create a webhook for new subscribers, notification clicks, or notification impressions. 


To get this set up, hit ‘Websites’ in the sidebar and select ‘Edit’ next to the website you want to get this set up for. You’ll then find the ‘Webhooks’ tab at the top of the page. Simply hit ‘Add Webhook’, select which type, input the URL you want, and press save.


For example, if you set yoursite.com/record-click as your URL for the notification clicked webhook, that is the site that will be notified any time a user clicks on a notification. You can set up multiple webhooks for any website you have set up web push for.


*Note: For notification impression and click, it’s a POST to the specified URL, with query parameters: campaign_id, id_site, subscriber_uid, and push_source. Push_source is always static and will always say aimtell.com.