Using Variables In Notifications (Generic)

Adding dynamic variables into your push notifications such as date or website

There are three types of ways you can pass variables into your notifications:

  1. Using Variables With Custom Attributes 
  2. Using Variables With Custom Events
  3. Using Variables with Generic Variables

This document covers generic (system) variables that are made available.




The following dynamic variables are made available anywhere within a push notification (title, link, body, action, etc). 

Variable Description Example Response
{id_site} website id 13920
{subscriber_uid} subscriber identifier 5101d378-1423-42c9-2dbf-ac2da75a288b
{today} Today's date (as formatted to m-d-Y)  01-15-2020
{today format=dateformat} Today's date, with custom formatting. See this link for supported format values. (varies)
{campaign_id} Campaign ID (or NULL if none) 1087308
{push_type} Type of campaign. 1 = Manual, 2 = One Off, 3 = Event/Triggered, 4 = RSS, 5 = Welcome Campaign 3
{browser} Browser of subscriber chrome

    Type a curly bracket { to bring up a dropdown list of all the variables available to you. Select the one you wish to use and hit ‘insert’ to use in your campaign.